Dear blog!

Dear blog, I have decided to delete you because I will have no time in the summer to right post’s and comment. Having lot’s of sleepovers, hockey camps, and camping will take up all of my time!

One of the things I have enjoyed about blogging is getting comments from all over the world from like Spain, Pakistan, Hong Kong and many! many! many! other places.

One of the things I didn’t enjoy is getting spam! Sometimes I would get a comment and I really wanted to see what they said and then I noticed it was an advertisement for something.

Something I have learned about me is that I can write a post about anything in very little time with few errors! I have really enjoyed blogging this year and had fun writing choice post’s.

Good bye blog!

Edited by Ethan and Andrew

Camping at Airforce Beach!

Hi everyone,

Last Thursday my class went camping at Airforce Beach and it was so fun! We did lot’s of activity’s at our camp sight and at the beach. I am going to tell you some of the things we did and zoom in on my favorite part.

When we first got to camp we set up our tents right away so we didn’t have to later. After that we got dressed and went right down to the beach! Some of the activities at the beach were really fun. I got buried really deep in the sand with Ethan and Charlie! We also had little fishing nets at the beach for the tide pools, there were lot’s of flounders and bull heads to catch. Also when the tide pools were moving really fast down to the ocean all of the huge crabs were getting pushed down the tide pool, we were catching a whole bunch! After that we had a scavenger hunt on the beach! There were many items that were hard to find but we managed to find lots of the things on the list. After that we were finished at the beach and went back up to the camp sight. We started to play games like predator and prey and sardines! I had to leave have way through the game to go to baseball.

When I got back  we were getting ready to do our skits for science which was my favorte part of camp! I really liked the skits because they were all made up and really funny even though they had nothing to do with science just drama.

After the skits we played a couple more games and then we went to bed. That was when the worst part of camp happened, sleeping in a tent on rocks squished with 2 other boys in the tent!

The next day we got up at around 7:00 am  to sit around the fire. We had breakfast a little later and we had scrambled eggs and bacon! After breakfast we got ready to go down to the beach which took a while. We lost both our class soccer balls somewhere in our camp sight, we finally found them later on, and  then went down to the beach! We did a lot of the same things as yesterday but it was still really fun. We were down at the beach for a long time and had to go up to the campsite sometime.  After the beach it was time to go home! Which nobody wanted to do but it was the end of camp.

Edited by Greyson

Sailing With My Class!

Water splashing, people paddling , and the wind blowing in your face from the sail. That’s something I like to call sailing!

Recently my class for the past 4 weeks has been going sailing 2 sessions a week. It has been so much fun! The first 2 days we learned all about the boats (catamarans) and what to do when were out in the water. There were a whole lot of parts on the boats (catamarans) that we had to memorize. We needed to know all of it because if someone said like pull the tiller bar towards you, you would know what to do!



Sometimes sailing could get a little frustrating because of the wind and how much there was! There were nine boats out in the water. It was really fun because we got to ride out to the Spit and out in the middle of the ocean. There were a lot of sea life well riding like fish, otters, and a whole lot of jellyfish!

We had to do all the work on are own, putting up the sail and taking the sail down. Carrying the boat on the trailer and attaching it! In the end it all paid off because we got our cat cards for completing the session.

Edited by Greyson and Zach

SAR (Search And Rescue) Tech

Hi everyone!

Today we had three guys parachute out of a Buffalo (Air plane) on to our school field. It was pretty cool watching them just fall out of the sky and land. They were from the Search And Rescue at our base. The guys were all wearing bright orange suits and also the parachute. The reason is because if they are in the sky the people on the ground can make sure they’re ok.

There are a few questions I have to answer now!

Would you jump out of a plane?

I am really not sure because from down on the ground looking up at the plane it doesn’t look that high up, but from up there I bet it would be much different. I don’t think I would jump out of the plane but it looks really fun!

Would you be a SAR Tech?

I don’t think I would want to be a SAR Tech because I think it’s kind of a dangerous job and plus I am trying to have a career in hockey. But it would be cool to fly the Buffalo (plane) and cormorant (helicopter).

Have you ever been in danger and in need of help?

Actually I have never been in danger or anything luckily! But I have seen other people in danger in like car crashes or on the news.

Edited by Max and Andrew

Our Class Election

As you might know, Canada has just had it’s federal election. Well what you might not of known is that my class (Huzzahnia) has also just had our own election!

Right now we have three members of the council. The three people all want to help the environment and make sure we get our P.E. outside at least once a week. The three people are Max, Meghan, and Jack. In my opinion our class election was free and mostly fair because nobody argued if their name was not on the list to vote, or if somebody was hurt, a friend would swear on the bible and help them vote.

A person getting caught putting an advertisment up

A person getting caught putting an advertisement up

We had lots of jobs, Returning Officer, Polling Clerk, Chief Electoral Officer, and 2 Scrutineers! We did have some problems like people looking at other peoples votes behind the voting box. Or people trying to put up advertisements on the board. All of it got taking care of by the returning officer. Oh, and there was also a person in the line up for voting whispering to people who they should vote for! He got caught and got a warning then he stopped. Our returning officer had a busy job and did good!

In the end the Polling Clerk and the Returning Officer tallied the votes together and it was close. But we have our last three candidates!

Edited by Max and Greyson

What Have I Learned Outside Of School

Recently me and my hockey team had a end of the year party at my house because the season had ended. But before the party, we all went paint balling at a place called Point Blank Paint Balling. Paint balling is you have a gun that shoots little balls that are filled with paint inside of them. It is really fun because you are on a team and you go in to the woods. There are bases in the woods and you have a flag at your base. You have to try to protect your flag from getting stolen. Then some other people on your team go and try to steal your opponents flag from their base. It is kind of like capture the flag! Since I went with my team, next time I go, I will know what to do! Trust me if you are scared that the paint balls are going to hurt, they do just a little bit! Unfortunately I had to find that out the hard way. There are also other games you play like shot for shot which hurts. What that is that one team lines up and the other team lines up about 20 feet away so they are face to face. First one team shoots at the other team then both teams move in a step. The the other team shoots at them, then they take another step closer. So who ever can take the most pain and stay in the longest wins! I have always wanted to go paint balling because everybody talked about it so much and it sounded fun. There were a couple of other games we played but those two were my two favorite.

Pintball Gun

Paintball Gun

After paint balling everyone came to my house for a get together (party). It was really fun because me and some of my hockey team played man tracker in the woods. Then the day was over and everybody had to leave!

I think everyone should go paint balling one day and experience it since it was so much fun!

Image Credit: Tippmann A5 by chris.schneck

Favorite Place On Vancouver Island: Mount Washington

There are many mountains in B.C. that are probably really good for skiing, snowboarding and even snow shoeing. But my favorite one that I have ever been to is Mount Washington. It is located on Vancouver Island and is about a forty five minute drive from Comox if you take the highway. When you are just starting to drive up the mountain you can see all of the hills, people skiing and snowboarding down, you can see the chair lifts taking people up. You just cant wait to get up there!

Once you get up to the lodge you just get so excited you just want to strap on your skis and get up there as fast as you can! When I am on the chair lift I always look back and see how far we are going up and see the people at the bottom of the hill. When you get to the top of the hill there are lots of runs. I usually go on the eagle chair and ski down all the runs on it. I always go on a black diamond because I think they are the best! After about 3 or 4 hours of skiing I go down to the loge and there is a mini concession that has warm food to eat and drinks. Then after the long day we leave and go home.

Now that I have told you about my favorite place on vancouver Island, if you want to you can tell me what your favorite place is? Thanks for reading!

My Pysanky Egg!

Have you ever heard of the word pysanky? The reason you probably havent heard of it before is because it it is a word from the Ukrainian. They are eggs except they can tell story’s by using symbols. Some symbols including horns, rams, ladders, and also the sun and many more. I will tell some meanings of the symbols below!

Wheat: Wishes for good health and good harvest

The sun and stars: Life, fortune, and growth

Pine needles: Health, stamina, and eternal youth

Ribbons: Ever lasting life, and water

My egg

My egg

Pysanky Egg

Pysanky Egg

This egg that I made has symbols on it that represent me. Like the horns on it represent strength and leadership. This other pysanky egg is made by a professional. Surprisingly other eggs like this one here don’t actually take very long to make!

Image Credit: Morning Glory by so_jeo

My top 10 dogs!

Hello everyone,
Since I love dogs and have two of them, I thought I would do a post on 10 of my favorite dogs! So lets get started. Oh, and after you read make sure to tell me what your favorite dog is even if it’s on my list.

1. Golden RetrieverCatching Butterflys by sundero

2. Black Lab

3. Labrador Retriever

4. Siberian Husky

5. Samoyed

6. German Shepherd

7. Beagle

8. Dalmatian

9. Rottweiler

10. Bernese Mountain Dog

Thanks for reading!

Image Credit: Catching Butterflies by sundero