What Have I Learned Outside Of School

Recently me and my hockey team had a end of the year party at my house because the season had ended. But before the party, we all went paint balling at a place called Point Blank Paint Balling. Paint balling is you have a gun that shoots little balls that are filled with paint inside of them. It is really fun because you are on a team and you go in to the woods. There are bases in the woods and you have a flag at your base. You have to try to protect your flag from getting stolen. Then some other people on your team go and try to steal your opponents flag from their base. It is kind of like capture the flag! Since I went with my team, next time I go, I will know what to do! Trust me if you are scared that the paint balls are going to hurt, they do just a little bit! Unfortunately I had to find that out the hard way. There are also other games you play like shot for shot which hurts. What that is that one team lines up and the other team lines up about 20 feet away so they are face to face. First one team shoots at the other team then both teams move in a step. The the other team shoots at them, then they take another step closer. So who ever can take the most pain and stay in the longest wins! I have always wanted to go paint balling because everybody talked about it so much and it sounded fun. There were a couple of other games we played but those two were my two favorite.

Pintball Gun

Paintball Gun

After paint balling everyone came to my house for a get together (party). It was really fun because me and some of my hockey team played man tracker in the woods. Then the day was over and everybody had to leave!

I think everyone should go paint balling one day and experience it since it was so much fun!

Image Credit: Tippmann A5 by chris.schneck